1. The Masterplan

I can never start the first post of any blog. So, lets just pretend the first line was witty as hell.

Hi! For those who don’t know me I’m Alex, I’m 21 and for the next year I will be travelling in Australia with my girlfriend Katie. After being inundated with at least 2 requests to blog about this I have decided to entertain you all with bad jokes and medium quality anecdotes about our experiences. Read on at your peril.

I thought I should briefly explain the plan we have, if only so it’s clear when things start going wrong that we did have one before we started.

We are currently on a flight from Manchester to Sydney via Munich and Singapore. International Jetsetters R Us. We would have loved to stop somewhere on the way, but some logistical issues meant we couldn’t. Logistical issues being that we did not win the lottery and therefore couldn’t afford the sky high prices of separate flights (I did warn you about the bad puns).

We land in Sydney and will be met at the airport by our very generous friends Stu, Sue, Ben and Molly who live in Sydney and agreed to let us stay with them when we land. Incase they’re reading this, did I mention they’re funny and attractive too?

Longer term, we plan on staying in Sydney for a few months to work and explore the place. After that we’re hoping to travel round Oz and New Zealand aswell as get to Fiji and wherever else we can. Hopefully we will be in Sydney for New Years and then work our way home through the highlights and lowlights of the bits inbetween.

Hopefully this blog will be full of exciting adventures and stories. Unfortunately at the moment the trip has involved Manchester Airport (everyone’s favourite worst nightmare) and sitting on Singapore Airlines watching Legend (Tom Hardy being brilliant) while eating breakfast. I hope for all of our sakes that things pick up.

For now I’ve lined up James Bond, Harry Potter and Mr. Holmes in a coincidental manic flight of Britishness. I will leave you with a horrendously cheesy airport photo:

Let the adventure begin! Or, if you prefer, please insert your own cheesy traveller one liner as appropriate. Till the next time!

Alex Odlin dreams of a world where Manchester Airport is always as easy as it is at 6am on a Wednesday in February. Have a look at his past blogs at whatnottodoatuni.wordpress.com & downundersummer.wordpress.com


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