2. Turn Up the Sun

Morning all! We are just emerging from the black hole of space and time that is long haul flying and it was a weird 27 hours. It has the same hazy memory as a night out, but without the crushing regret and volatile stomach issues.

I would like to start with the fact that we woke up to this view:


Sky. Sea. Boats. Weather!

Sorry. I had to. (I’m not and I didn’t)

Since the last blog, we have learnt a number of things but there has been one really important lesson: there is a freakin’ Koi Pond and Butterfly Garden in Singapore airport. Inside. All you get at Manchester airport is a Costa Coffee and an overpriced panini place. It’s absolutely mental (so mental in fact that I’ve started speaking like an American High School kid from the 90’s – no-one really says ‘freakin’. This may or may not be a result of me watching The Breakfast Club on the way over). Given I’d lost count of how many hours I’d been up at this point, it could well be that these were a hallucination, but even if they were it was a cool one.


Must have been real?

Anyway, away from my Singaporean dreams, we landed in Sydney at 8.30pm last night, but didn’t get away from the airport until about 9.45pm due to some baggage confusion (airport signs lying about where our bags would be) and queueing confusion (being that other people seemingly can’t queue). But we made it and were greeted at the airport by Stu and Molly, who drove us home over the Harbour Bridge, so that made things a little better. I think I described it as a ‘great bridge’ as we went over; showing my expertly subtle analytical skills. It is a great bridge though.

Once we got back to Stu and Sue’s and after saying hello to everyone, we showed our priorities as Katie went straight for a shower and I went straight for a beer. Which was lovely, may I point out. We managed to sleep a little last night and are currently feeling okay, which means we will crash and burn at some point today because jet lag is never this kind.

So far I’m making it through okay, we have already headed into Manly to have a look around and been to see the kids’ school’s swimming carnival. The only reason we went to that was because Ben was wearing Molly’s one piece swimsuit for the whole event. It was weird. Kinda worth it.

So, in conclusion, we are here, we are safe, it is sunny and I’m wearing shorts and sunglasses in February. Best decision I ever made this trip.

Alex Odlin’s career in bridge reviews is sure to take off soon, but until then you can find out more about his poor sense of humour at whatnottodoatuni.wordpress.com 


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