3. Absolute Beginners

Hello again! In the words of Frank Underwood;

Testing has revealed this sounds far better in Kevin Spacey’s dark, mysterious accent than in my own high pitched, pre puberty wail.

In my last post I optimistically suggested that we had left the black hole of space and time that was long haul flying. Unfortunately, in a classic example of the ancient institution known as ‘Sod’s Law’, this was just the beginning of the black hole of space and time that is jetlag. As much as you think that you’ve cracked it after two days or four days or a week, it feels like I’ve only just got back to a normal sleep pattern (and my saying that means I will inevitably be out of said sleep pattern tonight – see ‘Sod’s Law’ above).

Luckily, I’ve been able to cope with the jet lag through a combination of Netflix and Football Manager 2012. Because nothing says a 21 year old travelling one of the most popular countries in the world with beautiful sights and scenery like leading Newport County to the Blue Square Premier Play-Offs while binge watching How I Met Your Mother at 3am.

In our defence that has only been at night and we have actually been active in the day. The reason I haven’t really blogged is that having been on the beach most days, I do feel that to tell you all about it would be boasting. In the interests of keeping everyone friendly and not inciting jealousy, I’ll keep the number of photos to a minimum.

This week features a guest appearance from Katie’s head.
Day and Night. You can work out which is which for yourself.

We’re staying near Manly, which is to the north of Sydney, so we’ve been spending a lot of time there (shopping) or on the beach (sunbathing, swimming, storing sand in every possible crevice and orifice). At this time of year, for a lad from Manchester, this does not feel right. I am obviously referring to the sunbathing, the shopping is merely a necessary evil given that I woefully underestimated how many non-swimming shorts one needs for a year in a hot country. Turns out it is higher than my estimation of 1.

We’ve also ventured into Sydney but, again without wishing to boast, its absolutely roasting so that was a fairly short lived venture. Shade is a little difficult to come by in the city which led to an irritable and sweaty Alex and Katie. However, as long as you can take three seconds away from the grumpiness caused by heat to smile for a photo, everyone will think you had a great time.

Bloody tourists.

After wandering around cluelessly for a couple of days, we were given some advice by a couple of people who know what they are doing in travelling to Australia and began to get our lives together. We’ve now set ourselves up in Australia with bank accounts and phones and Tax File Numbers (which really are as fun as they sound), which means we can and have started applying for jobs. This is not an easy thing to bring yourself to do when overlooking a beach in 30 degree heat. Katie has applied for quite a few in her organised way. I have applied for one. Last night. But this is one more than you were expecting. Under promise and over deliver, that’s the goal.

That’s kind of it for now. Hopefully we’ll get jobs in a couple of weeks when we are tanned enough to hold our own in the cut-throat world of temporary work in Sydney. To finish; we also saw a Kookaburra! I will leave you with the grainy, low quality image as taken by my phone. Until next time…


Alex Odlin may or may not have thought Kookaburra’s were made up animals to promote Australian cricket brands until recently. For more of what has been described by many (of the voices in his head) as loveable foolishness, why not check out whatnottodoatuni.wordpress.com, or for another blog about Australia (as if you hadn’t had enough already), see downundersummer.wordpress.com




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