6. The Modern Age

To start this post, my favourite quote so far, from a bloke lying on the grass at North Harbour Reserve:

‘I just think there’s a significant cultural difference between our expectation of work output and the locals’ expectation of work output’

The most corporate way to describe your staff as lazy I have ever heard.

Hello! While planning for this blog (first time I’ve done that but I had to try to remember what we’d done in what order) I lined up at least 3 jokes; so strap in. See if you can spot them (this will be harder than you think, most people can’t tell they are jokes).

Despite some setbacks we do finally appear to be seeing some movement on the job front. I’m not going to say anymore about that because it’s boring and really only my Mum and Dad would care (and I’m not even sure if they do). Incidentally, this is how we do phone interviews now:

‘What’s my vision? Beaches and boats’

We have actually seen a real snake in the wild now. We were sat on a bench under a tree and it just dropped out of said tree and slithered off. Surprisingly it didn’t offer us a forbidden apple, which I had assumed they all did, but clearly that was a one time thing. It was only a green tree snake but it still could have killed us… if it had angered a much more poisonous animal and set it on us.

This happened on our way to Shelly beach, which is just round the corner from Manly beach and is lovely. Its on TripAdvisor, so it must be good. It was actually really picturesque and scenic, if a little shelly, but unfortunately i didn’t get a picture of the beach itself. To compensate, there was this open water swimming pool nearby very artistically photographed by Katie and very artistically ruined by the bloke in the front, followed by the view from the beach towards Manly.


IMG_4929 2.JPG

We hit our peak level of tourist-ness (not a word) on Friday by going on an open top bus tour of Sydney. As cringeworthy as this may sound, it is a really good way to see the main attractions of a city in a short time so you can shortlist them for later, and also note down places you want to avoid, such as the ’24 hour Pleasure’ bar in Kings Cross.

We had lunch in Sydney in typically tourist fashion at a restaurant overlooking the Harbour Bridge, right on the side of Circular Quay. Despite my worries it would be horribly touristy, it turned out that it was actually great quality food, cold Peroni with a smashing view. At AUS$25.50 per person (£12.50 ish) for a main course and a drink, it was surprisingly un-Australian in terms of eating out in that it was worth it.

We also decided that it was time to soak up some culture and hit up some museums. Though we have a few in Sydney we would like to see, we decided to spend Friday afternoon at the Museum of Contemporary Art, or the MCA. This wasn’t just because it was closest to the restaurant on a hot day, but because it also meant I could ask Katie as to the reason for this choice.

Why Katie? Why MCA?

I can assure you it went down as well with her as it did with you. (For those who didn’t get it, think Village People. I told you these jokes were hard to spot)

The MCA was an interesting place and it really did lead me to question ‘Why MCA?’, as in why would anyone go. There were some pieces of art which were interesting, such as this;

On the other hand, there were some twigs on a floor;


This was the point at which we decided this wasn’t for us. Thanks contemporary art, but you can keep your twigs and other weird rubbish (Television screens, victorians graffitiing, I could go on).

To Sunday, which involved a fantastic view;


Yes, this was the scene from the edge of the football pitch where Stu’s over 35’s team took on Ben’s Under-18’s. I had the camera the wrong way round. Lucky coincidence.

(For those who missed the score on Sky Sports News, the game finished 7-4 to Ben’s team).

We have also been proper shopping and went to Warringah Mall, which is round the corner. It was good and had a few shops, but I live 5 minutes from the Trafford Centre and the problem is that once you’ve seen one shopping centre, you’ve seen a mall.

And on that note, I’ll get my coat.

Alex Odlin is fast rethinking his career choice as he becomes aware that while lawyers get paid well for working hard, contemporary artists get paid thousands for arranging branches on the floor. More of his evolving ideas can be found at whatnottodoatuni.wordpress.com



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