10. Recovery

I am, as I write this paragraph, commuting into Sydney, on a peasant wagon bus, stood up with a dodgy knee. If you don’t know about the knee, I’m surprised because I promoted the last blog enough, but you can read that tale here. Despite the fact that a bus commute is effectively a game of bucking bronco thanks to the drivers’ liberal application of the brake pedal; it’s hard to rival coming into the city over the harbour bridge with a view of the opera house. In a lot of ways, it’s just as beautiful as my last commute via the M60 and Tesco East Didsbury. I mean, while this office might be right next to Darling Harbour, a hub of Sydney’s culture, my last office was right next to the A34 and two (count them, two) pubs. So really there’s very little to choose between them.

It’s been a while since the last blog and I can only apologise; where else one can find this sort of middle of the road wit and amateur photography I just don’t know. The reason for this is mainly that it is very hard to find and see interesting places when you only have one working leg. I’m happy to say I am now walking again, though stairs are still a little mind-boggling.

The recovery from having my kneecap 10cm left of where it should have been has been a mixed bag. On the one hand, it got me a record number of views on my last blog (thanks guys!). On the other; pain, immobility and discomfort (worth it). There have been some challenges. Just ask Stu and Sue’s dog Coco who I decided to take for a walk last week. The poor girl was desperately wanting to run down the steps to the beach and I was hopping down one at a time trying to keep up with her as she pulled me down. Dogs don’t really pity you when you’re injured and her eyes seemed to say ‘Get me down these stairs and to the beach you useless human, or this poo is coming out onto your shoe’. I think.

The other thing that being laid up led to was me re-reading the fantastic local paper here and discovering that Australia is really struggling to break away from its criminal roots. The local police report here;

I can’t say anything to make this any better, frankly.

Recovery is progressing though and I came off the crutches around 2 weeks ago; with the brace on my leg coming off last week. Which was a shame really, as my guaranteed seat on the bus with the oldies and the rest of the vulnerable has gone. Back to the surfing training every morning on the bus, alas. Though the knee not being full strength has led to more falling over and, as a result, unintentional and awkward physical content with a variety of commuters. Living the dream people.

We also managed to start seeing more places on the imaginary list in our head that we now pick things from on our free days and last Monday (a public holiday) we headed up to Palm Beach, which is about 45 minutes drive north of Manly. Unfortunately that figure doesn’t take into account the half an hour it takes to park a car and then the $3.40 per hour they charge. But, in fairness, its a pretty nice place;

Its where the aussies film Home and Away and I was gutted not to see any of the stars. I say that, but any one of them could have fallen into me naked and I still wouldn’t have known who they were. None of them did, to be clear. May I add that this picture required me to walk up a very steep hill and then back down that hill, so you are all bloody welcome.

Luckily everything fell fairly well into place for me to start the new job last Monday. Highlights so far; a large amount of activity on my LinkedIn profile, unlimited coffee and tea, and free donuts on the first day. I am nothing if not easily pleased. I’ll not say too much more about the job other than it involves auditing. If you do want to know more about auditing or find it interesting; seek counselling.

In other news we have found ourselves an apartment! We move in on Saturday (tomorrow! As I write its 10.20pm on Friday and I have drunk 3 glasses of wine and packed nothing). Location was important;


The main attractions of this place for Katie were that there was a gym in the building, the apartment was very nice, spacious and light and the people and location were the best we’d seen. The main attraction for me was that it’s 10 minutes walk to work and there’s a bar opposite the front door. Frankly I was sold before we even walked into the place. I wouldn’t be so irresponsible as to drink my salary away; but we all have bad days.

And on that ambiguous bombshell, which will only worry my mum, goodbye!
Alex Odlin has absoloutely nothing against aloe Vera cactus plants; but he does think that one in Balgowlah was asking for it really. If you agree, or even if you don’t, you can see his thoughts on Australia from the very beginning by reading this blog from the start here: 1. The Masterplan

He also promises to write more regularly from now on. Seriously. Promise.

Next Time: expect tales about living in the big smoke of the city for the first time and my newly found support of Ukraine.


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