14. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Last Friday night we went to see Finding Dory. It was totally awesome duuuude. I have nothing more to say about that, but its not out in the UK yet so I just wanted to gloat. Seriously though, you should see it. Idris Elba as a sealion is worth it alone.

Okay! So some stuff has happened and I have, yet again, been awful at blogging about it. The time is therefore ripe for another one of those two part updates that i’m making my trademark (having done it once) – one general blog about all the small things we’ve done followed by a longer one about a trip we went on. It’s becoming a worrying pattern.

Lets start short and funny. Our housemate Anthony told us about, and I quote, ‘the best ice cream in Sydney’ which is at a place called Messina in the Casino next to our house. Yes, we live opposite a bar and the biggest casino in Sydney – frankly its a wonder we still have jobs. The ice cream itself was excellent, but it was surpassed by something else. I now present a piece I have imaginatively named ‘That 3rd one is funny‘;


Game of thrones fans may also appreciate that the Ramsay Bolton is completely nutty. For reasons which will become clear later in this blog, I had chocolate and it was great, so if you’re ever in Sydney you can buy me some in return for this recommendation.

Anyway, on to the proper stuff. Once every year Sydney hosts an event called Vivid, which is where they light things up (with projections and LED’s, its not an arson based kind of thing). The highlights are usually the Opera House and the Bridge, as well as some shows around the city. It lasted for 3 weeks and naturally, living in the city, Katie and I had to go and see this. Obviously, for 2 weeks and 6 days of the 3 week festival we put off going because we are indecisive… well we think we are, we’re not sure.

It was this chronic inability to make the decision to go that forced us into going to the very last night of the whole thing, on a Saturday. Sydney is home to around 4 million people, and it was good of them all to converge on Circular Quay at the same time that night. As we battled through the hordes of zombie sightseers aimlessly meandering across our path, I did make a mental note to be more organised next time.

In fairness to Sydney, they put on a good show. The closest we get to this in Manchester is a imperious, God-like Santa figure on top of the town hall looking down on us for December. Unfortunately, when designing this figure we clearly sent the form with our request autocorrected to Satan, as you can see;

All hail our new overlord

Anyway, Sydney’s lights are less ‘horror movie toy’ and more enjoyable;

And apart from being shouted at to ‘KEEEEEP MOVING’ by a megaphone wielding woman, with the tone of an annoying teacher and the stature of a hobbit, we had a lovely time. Very much recommended to anyone who’s in Sydney when it’s on – though midweek nights are much quieter if you can organise yourself…

A few weeks ago Katie and I had our second anniversary (thanks to all of you for your presents…) when we went to the Hunter Valley, but because I am a chocolate fiend Katie also very generously bought me a Lindt Afternoon Tea in Darling Harbour. On a rare winter weekend of hot weather (seriously, winter in Australia is 90% cold and rain with the odd sunny day – i.e. British Summer Time), we decided to head over there.

Now, I am a chocolate lover in a big way. My ‘friends’ at uni used to (still do), part affectionately and mostly mockingly, call me the Sugar Monster (yes, I thought long and hard about putting this on a blog knowing it would subject me to more ridicule, but such is my commitment). Anyway, the Lindt afternoon tea looked like this;


I was full of confidence; this looked easy (and it was between 2 of us). How I wish I knew how wrong I was. This was the densest, richest, most chocolatey chocolate (you can tell I dropped English Language at GCSE here as I run out of adjectives) I had ever had. Despite polishing off most of the cakes, ice cream and the hot chocolate I had on the side (yes, I really do love chocolate that much), I was defeated by the macaroons and the last bit of cake. I felt ashamed, humbled, and other similar emotions. But hopefully, and university friends I’m looking at you here, this might be the first step on the road to me getting a different bloody nickname.

The Sugar Monster thanks you for reading this blog and he’d just like to take a moment to say that, seriously, he really doe- ooh look a bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk!

If you’d like to, you could read this whole messed up blog from the start here: 1. The Masterplan


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