21. Substitute

Alrighty. This is where it gets complicated. So we headed off to Broome on our 17 hour coach journey of fun and games. There is so much you can do in 17 hours of your life. Unfortunately, none of it is between Exmouth and Broome in Western Australia. At first our journey was like this;

Then, it was like this;

Did you see that hill in that second video? That was the best bit of the whole journey.

Anyway, our coach rolled into Broome at 8.30am on Thursday the 10th of November and after a quick fumble around the visitor centre while trying to avoid the weirdos from the coach again, we were told of a bus which would take us to our hostel and away from the smelly alcoholic next to us whose only possessions appeared to be a bag of goon (bagged wine, for all you uninitiated) and low personal hygiene standards.

After encountering only our second non-lovely Western Australian in the form of the Broome bus driver, we arrived at our hostel at around 9.30am with no sleep and lots of baggage (emotional and physical). So it was with relief that the lovely people at Beaches of Broome said we couldn’t check in until after 11am. Not that I’m bitter.

As a result our day was 90% recovery (showers, sleep, working our way back to feeling human – the usual) until 4.30pm when we headed to Cable Beach for our sunset camel tour, with our professional photographer Ollie in tow. A sunset camel ride along Cable Beach is absolutely peak tourist, but it was pretty cool and very enjoyable. We got one of the grumpier camels called Kadesh, who was actually alright even if he did have the hump.

The reason we were doing the camel ride on our first day was simple, I was flying back to England the next day and cutting short my time in Broome. From this point on I would be pretty useless at blogging about Broome as a result, so it only makes sense for me to now introduce our newest, best and only guest blogger… my girlfriend Katie! She’ll talk you through it and as I’m going to let her write this without me editing it, probably also add in a few insults that have been bubbling under the surface after living together 24/7 for the last few weeks. I’ll hand over to her now and see you, with an explanation, on the other side!


Very reluctantly I have been persuaded to write the end of this blog. I have agreed for the sake of my sanity and for a quiet life, because he’ll just keep pestering me if I don’t. So here goes.

So fast forward to ten am on Friday the 11th November, Alex and I had said our goodbye meaning I was abandoned left to my own devices in Broome. Accompanied by our newest travel companions Canadian Kristen and Sheffield Ollie, or ‘our professional photographer’ as he’s now known. I was pretty excited about this, not only because Broome was the largest form of civilisation that I had seen since Perth (which honestly doesn’t mean much) but because we had been told lots of very nice things about Broome so I had high hopes.

These hopes were further fuelled by the sight of a Coles Supermarket – the first I had seen in just short of three weeks. It was heaven. An over reaction you might say, but I assure you when you’ve been living on a diet of tinned beans and smart price bread for about 17 days, the sight of fresh vegetables and branded foods at reasonable prices is heavenly. (All those of you planning to travel the remotest parts of Western Australia, take note and stock up.)

*Alex’s editorial note: You can tell I’m not writing this blog by the fact that vegetables have just been mentioned in the same sentence as the word ‘heavenly’. Its a bit like saying Cold Australia, or Sensible Donald Trump. Sorry, back to Katie:*

For the rest of the day we explored the town, visited a pearl museum and tried to avoid the ridiculous heat. The next few days were a mixture of lazily lying by the pool, with the occasional dip to relieve ourselves of the 37 degree heat, a couple of walks down to Cable beach and a failed attempt at watching crab races; which like everything else had finished at the end of October in time for the dry season.

On Monday evening we (Ollie, Kristen and I) ventured into town to Sun Pictures – the Open Air Cinema. This is supposedly the oldest open air cinema in the world, and it was pretty spectacular;


We watched Girl on a Train, which was good at best (the book, as usual, is much better). We were really lucky as this was the night before the Super Moon, so the sky was insanely beautiful, making our experience that much better. (If you’re in Broome be sure to check it out, especially for the night showings, you won’t regret it I promise).

The following day was our last in Broome before I flew back down to Perth, where I would meet Alex. This night also happened to be the night of the last Staircase to the Moon for 2016. Staircase to the Moon is a phenomenon where the moon rises and reflects off the mudflats in Roebuck Bay to create the effect of a Staircase leading up to the Moon itself. The Australians really don’t mess about with their names of things. In a serious case of being in the right place at the right time, this was also happening on the night of the Super Moon. Which meant I would be able to watch the only Super Moon Staircase to the Moon (don’t try and say that when you’re drunk) for the next 40 years. A real once in a life time experience. I wasn’t disappointed, it was spectacular.

Sadly an iPhone camera will never do it any justice, so you’ll have to take my word for this one. Or, we could steal a photo from our professional photographer. Thanks Ollie!

Ollie’s blog can be found here

The next morning was bitter sweet, after two and a half weeks travelling with Olisten (a new nickname I have yet to share with them, Ollie if you’re reading this I know you’ll be thrilled) we were to go our separate ways. They would be heading to Darwin and me to Perth. We said our goodbyes, with the promise of meeting again in Melbourne and I headed to the airport to boarded my flight to Perth.

Katie Winstanley was very nervous about writing part of this blog so you all better be nice. But not too nice, I don’t want her replacing me. 


Beaches of Broome, Cable Beach, Broome – located close to Cable Beach so well positioned for the activities there, but a $4 20 minute bus ride into Broome town. Free breakfast and decent rooms with a nice pool


Broome Camel Safaris – Camel Ride along Cable Beach. A bit pricey at $85 per person but also the cheapest camel ride in Broome and all the ladies get a free pair of pearl earrings, which Katie was very happy about. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience.










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