Hello! Welcome to the Bonus DVD Extras section of the blog. This is a list of all the places we’ve stayed, updated regularly and grouped by state. All are hostels unless specified. Enjoy!

New South Wales

  • Blue Mountains Backpackers, Katoomba, Blue Mountains : 3/10
    Stayed: 18th – 20th March 2016
    Cost: $26 per person per night
    Booked through:
    Pros: Cheap, secure and well located. Alcohol shop next door!
    Cons: Bathroom facilities poor, beds pretty uncomfortable, right next to a train line
  • Potters Hotel Brewery Resort, Cessnock, Hunter Valley [HOTEL] : 8/10
    Stayed: 27th – 29th May 2016
    Booked through:
    Pros: Great food, comfortable and well equipped rooms, well located
    Cons: Expensive
  • Oaks Pacific Blue Resort, Port Stephens [HOTEL] : 7/10
    Stayed: 16th – 19th September 2016
    Cost: $400 for a 3 person room for 3 nights
    Booked through:
    Pros: Impressive pool which goes all the way around the resort, nice bar and restaurant with happy hour, well located for shops, decent rooms with access from your room directly to the pool
    Cons: Price is pretty high, located quite far away from any attractions – right next to a  big retail park

Western Australia

North of Perth

  • Cervantes Lodge, Cervantes : 8/10
    Stayed: 25th – 27th October 2016
    Cost: $31 per person per night
    Booked through: Agoda
    Pros: Low number of beds per room, really well equipped kitchen and very homely feel (lounge with books, sofas and tv), really nice owners
    Cons: Not much to do in Cervantes, hostel closing in January 2017
  • Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort, Shark Bay : 4/10
    Stayed: 28th October – 2nd November 2016
    Cost: $35 per person per night
    Booked through: Monkey Mia Resort Website
    Pros: Beautiful beach, wake up to dolphins every morning, good swimming, social, powerful showers
    Cons: Very isolated and expensive to get to, only one shop available which is really expensive, really badly equipped kitchen, wifi limited to 250mb per day and no phone signal
  • Ningaloo Club, Coral Bay : 6/10
    Stayed: 2nd – 4th November 2016
    Cost: $29 per person per night
    Booked through:
    Pros: Well located, very cheap bar, friendly staff, good social areas, swimming pool(!)
    Cons: One power socket between 10 people, only two drinking water taps for whole resort, showers and bathrooms not great
  • YHA Exmouth (Potshot Resort), Exmouth : 7/10
    Stayed: 4th – 9th November 2016
    Cost: $30 per person per night (for YHA Members)
    Booked through: YHA
    Pros: Big resort with pretty good kitchen facilities, nice rooms with good bathrooms and cleaned daily, good swimming pool, near shops, unlimited wifi for YHA members, air con
    Cons: No lockers in rooms so no security
  • Beaches of Broome, Broome : 8/10
    10th – 16th November 2016
    $24 per night for a 6 bed dorm
    Booked through: Hostel World (avoid where possible – book direct if you can!)
    Pros: Well located for Cable Beach, it has a pool!, free breakfast, rooms are okay, fairly cheap bar with food
    Cons: A long way from the actual town ($4 each way for a bus) and wifi isn’t great

South of Perth

  • Esperance YHA, Esperance : 5/10
    Stayed: 20th – 22nd November 2016
    $126 for a double room for 2 nights (so $31.50 per person per night in this room)
    Booked through: YHA Website
    Pros: Nice view right as its right on the water, fairly near the town, decent kitchen facilities, friendly owner
    Cons: Outdoor toilets which aren’t great, small rooms and just a bit shabby overall
  • Albany Bayview YHA, Albany : 6/10
    22nd – 24th November 2016
    $27 per person per night
    Booked through:
    YHA Website
    Pros: Well located near the town, clean rooms and an okay common area with good wifi. Staff are pretty friendly.
    Kitchen is way too small for the number of people and a lot of long term guests take up all the fridge and cupboard space, leaving you feeling a bit in the way!
  • Blue Wren Travellers Rest, Denmark : 10/10
    24th – 25th November
    $28 per person per night
    Booked through:
    Denmark Visitor Centre (cheapest rates)
    Very homely and friendly hostel with a lovely owner and excellent facilities. Cosy place with a fire, one table so really communal and social and a good kitchen and comfy beds. Wish we had stayed longer!
    Not much!
  • Margaret River Backpackers, Margaret River : 5/10
    25th – 29th November
    $29 per person per night
    Booked through:
    YHA Website
    Lively place which is really well located. Loads of people around and owner is friendly.
    Lot of long term guests meaning as short term guests the rooms are messy and you are mixed in with a group of friends who don’t really want to speak to you (or so we felt!). Kitchen is really messy and the hostel isn’t very organised – we were double booked and lots of others were too!

South Australia

  • Backpack Oz, Adelaide : 7/10
    Stayed: 7th – 12th December 2016
    Cost: $28 per person per night
    Booked through:
    Pros: Central location, friendly staff, good common areas, clean
    Cons: Bathrooms are outdated and tiny, kitchen closes at 9pm


  • Urban Central, Southbank, Melbourne : 7/10
    Stayed: 12th-14th December 2016
    Cost: $27 per person per night
    Booked through: Urban Central website (10% off your first booking)
    Pros: Small rooms, lockers with plug sockets in, comfy and clean beds, free breakfast
    Cons: Slightly out of the city, very big (so impersonal)
  • Bayview on the Park, Melbourne [HOTEL] : 8/10
    Stayed: 21st – 24th December 2016
    Cost: $180 for 3 nights in a double room
    Booked through:
    Pros: Huge rooms with chairs, tv, double bed, clean bathroom. Pool and jacuzzi.
    Cons: Hotel, so usually more expensive. Outdated. Well out of the city


  • The Nook Backpackers, Hobart : 7/10
    Stayed: 14th December and 18th – 21st December 2016
    Cost: $30 per person per night
    Booked through:
    Pros: Clean and cool common areas, free wifi, well located, friendly staff
    Cons: Small and hot rooms, limited kitchen
  • Bicheno Backpackers, Bicheno : 10/10
    Stayed: 15th December 2016
    Cost: $30 per person per night
    Booked through: Bicheno Backpackers website
    Pros: Ski chalet-like hostel with amazing views, comfortable pod beds with privacy curtains, small and friendly place
    Cons: Very few! Bicheno town itself is limited and so the hostel is quite quiet, but a nice overnight stop when driving the east coast of Tassy.
  • The Arthouse Hostel, Launceston : 5/10
    Stayed: 16th-18th December 2016
    Booked through:
    Pros: Top floor is clean and spacious with great bathrooms.
    Cons: Bottom floor is disgusting, rooms stink of rotting animals, kitchen is a mess with dirty pots and laundry everywhere, out of the city


  • NJoy! Backpackers, Cairns: 7/10
    Stayed: 6th – 10th January 2016
    Cost: $25 per person per night
    Booked through: Peter Pans Adventure Travel
    Pros: Chilled out, clean, small rooms, pretty well located
    Cons: Not a party hostel if that’s what you want (but luckily we didn’t so this isn’t really a con)
  • Jackaroo Treehouse Hostel, Mission Beach: 3/10
    Stayed: 10th – 12th January 2016
    Cost: $25 per person per night
    Booked through: Peter Pans Adventure Travel
    Pros: There’s a pool…
    Cons: It’s mad hot, it’s in the middle of nowhere and there’s a million bugs trying to eat you. There’s also a cleaner who mops the tables with the same mop he uses for the floor and toilets.
  • xBASE Magnetic Island, Magnetic Island: 8/10
    Stayed: 12th January – 14th January
    Cost: $32 per person per night
    Booked through: Peter Pans Adventure Travel
    Pros: Cool, airy rooms right on the coast with spectacular views. Pool, drinks, good nightlife that you can get involved in or avoid as much as you want to.
    Cons: Expensive, full of people who if they tensed any harder would sh*t themselves (yeh, those people), bus ride away from any sights
  • Magnums Airlie Beach, Airlie Beach: 7/10
    Stayed: 14th – 16th & 18th – 19th January 2016
    Cost: $26 per person per night
    Booked through: Peter Pans Adventure Travel
    Pros: Well located, lively (massive bar on site), clean rooms and social atmosphere
    Cons: Bit basic and awful wifi
  • Southern Cross Backpackers, Agnes Water: 2/10
    Stayed: 19th – 21st January 2016
    Booked through: Peter Pans Adventure Travel

New Zealand