13. Aviation

Look at me writing two blogs in quick (ish) succession. Aren’t you proud? I am. As promised this blog is all about our trip to the Hunter Valley, so without further ado… Friday, 27th May 2016. 1700 hours. Katie and I both left work in a bit of a hurry because we wanted to get … More 13. Aviation

11. Changes

So, after 4 weeks of nothing this is my attempt to be a more frequent blogger. Lets find out together whether I actually have the ability to be funny more than once a week shall we? We haven’t got off to the best start as on reading this sentence my girlfriend of two years thought … More 11. Changes

10. Recovery

I am, as I write this paragraph, commuting into Sydney, on a peasant wagon bus, stood up with a dodgy knee. If you don’t know about the knee, I’m surprised because I promoted the last blog enough, but you can read that tale here. Despite the fact that a bus commute is effectively a game … More 10. Recovery

9. Twist and Shout

So, this happened. I do realise it’s somewhat unconventional to start a blog with a picture, much less a picture of myself with hair everywhere looking like a Broadmoor patient posing for the newspaper. In my defence at this point I had had a shedload of morphine. Allow me to take you to the start … More 9. Twist and Shout