24. Red Red Wine

Chugging out of Denmark on a bright and breezy Friday in our trusty Hyundai Accent, our first stop was a treetop walk called The Valley of the Giants, which makes it sound very fairytale impressive. In reality, it was very impressive, though also very bouncy – meaning Katie got round the whole thing faster than … More 24. Red Red Wine

23. Pretty Green

Having thought the 5 hour drive from Esperance to Albany, our next stop, might be a bit easier and more interesting, I quickly learnt that you should never underestimate rural Australia’s ability to contain absoloutely nothing of interest whatsoever. There were barely even any turns and some more sanity flowed out of us over the … More 23. Pretty Green

21. Substitute

Alrighty. This is where it gets complicated. So we headed off to Broome on our 17 hour coach journey of fun and games. There is so much you can do in 17 hours of your life. Unfortunately, none of it is between Exmouth and Broome in Western Australia. At first our journey was like this; … More 21. Substitute

20. Just Looking

Day 11 in the Western Australian desert… Rations are low, morale is average, we haven’t seen a supermarket in weeks and the scenery outside the coach is more repetitive than a corridor that Scooby and the gang run down. Bush, desert, bush, desert, bush, desert, bush. Just kidding. I’m not Scott of the Antarctic. I’m … More 20. Just Looking

18. Rocks

I have a dream… a dream of a world in which the cheapest flights don’t require me setting the earliest alarm in existence on my phone. – Using Martin Luther King Jr for a blog opening – real original Alex. Who’s this nutter talking to himself on a blog? Anyway, this is all a distraction … More 18. Rocks