48. Back for Good

Auckland. 12th March, 2017. Two seasoned travellers stand on the side of a road. They shake off the salt and pepper, questioning why it had been dropped on them in the first place. Now they’re just travellers. Except, they aren’t. This is their last stop… … More 48. Back for Good

24. Red Red Wine

Chugging out of Denmark on a bright and breezy Friday in our trusty Hyundai Accent, our first stop was a treetop walk called The Valley of the Giants, which makes it sound very fairytale impressive. In reality, it was very impressive, though also very bouncy – meaning Katie got round the whole thing faster than … More 24. Red Red Wine

13. Aviation

Look at me writing two blogs in quick (ish) succession. Aren’t you proud? I am. As promised this blog is all about our trip to the Hunter Valley, so without further ado… Friday, 27th May 2016. 1700 hours. Katie and I both left work in a bit of a hurry because we wanted to get … More 13. Aviation